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Expatriates’ life in Hong Kong

You stepped into a new time zone, a whole new environment, your bubble has burst and you are now left to start from scratch. Getting to know the surroundings, the new places, new faces, exotic new food, the weather system and the claustrophobia you may encounter amidst the thousands of sky-scrappers. Being alone or with your family who is equally clueless in the world’s leading, infrastructure clad, financial centre can be daunting, but fear not Hong Kong over time grows on you. Below are a few tips in providing the clueless expat with things that need contemplating during the initial phase of your move.

Where to liveWhere you want to live depends on what your preferences are. It is necessary to make a list of different specifications that you require keeping in mind the necessities you have yourself or your family’s. How big the apartment should be and how much you are willing to spend on it. Do you want your home to be closer to where you work or in the city center. What kind of neighborhood you prefer, should it be kid friendly or an adult centric environment. All these questions must be answered before you plunge into searching for your new home, and at first if you do not like the place you’re living at you can always upgrade to a better place, check this private wealth management in Hong Kong. Just take your time.

Costs of livingWhether you’re a British or Australian expat financial planning is essential to ensure successful achievement of your future goals. Before focusing on any future goals, it is necessary to take into account the day to day expenditure that may take place during the initial stage of the moving process. Hong Kong being crowned second as having the most expensive real estate in the world, would cause a huge dent to your pockets even while considering to buy property in the not so good residential areas.

Whichever nationality you are, the income and expenditure are going to be the same. Be it British or Australian expat financial planning, all plans must include finances set aside for children’s (if any) schools. If you want to give them a quality education in a good international school, then it is going to cost you, also most of you being occupied with work throughout day would not find enough time or energy to take care of any kind of household chores, which is why more money should be allocated to hiring a domestic helper making your initial stay in Hong Kong pleasant.

Safety Hong Kong is considered one of the safest cities. HK has a very high police to population ratio that helps in a low rate of crime, making residents feel safe and give them the ability to walk about the streets freely. It is a fact that HK is densely populated, but it is something that you can adjust to quickly without any difficulty.